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Showcase And Discover Raw MC Talent 


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Colosseum.TV – About Us

Colosseum.TV is the next killer app to hit the hop-hop and urban scene with a dope new online platform to showcase & discover raw MC talent. Rappers showcase video freestyles over our wide-ranging collection of professionally produced hip-hop beats while Colosseum.TV also acts as an online TV channel for record-labels & hip hop fans to discover new video freestyles from artists that they follow. All available via our stunning iOS app, web app and desktop website.

Problem: It’s Expensive for MCs to Get Discovered

It’s extremely hard to dedicate enough time and money into a rap career. Firstly, an up and coming MC needs beats, then they need to get in the studio and produce a mixtape which they can upload to a site like SoundCloud to showcase their talent. Armed with a mixtape, an artist can promote their work using social media, start to build a fan base and show proven, trackable data and popularity. The next progressive step is to produce a music video which can be uploaded to a site such as YouTube to visually promote an artist’s brand image. The goal is to get discovered by an artist and repertoire (A&R) executive and then get a contract with a record label as the next unsigned hype. The problem: producing “content” such as a mixtape, let alone a music video, takes high investment in time and money meaning some of the realest MCs fall short at the very first hurdle.

Solution: Colosseum.TV - The New, Low Cost Starting Point

Colosseum.TV is the new starting point in any rapper’s career. Colosseum.TV is a cool, low cost, online platform to showcase raw MC talent by recording video freestyles over professional hip-hop beats via webcam which can then be promoted on social networks to gain exposure. The beats are produced by, based in Philadelphia, covering multiple styles of hip hop from Dirty South, West Coast, Gangsta and Mid-West to East Coast, Trap and Grime and are constantly updated every month with fresh and exclusive content. Colosseum.TV is an additional tool in the marketing mix for any MC to further their career - whether up and coming or global superstar - and to elevate their greatness by proving they’re a dope MC by showcasing off the cuff freestyle fire in addition to pre-recorded and digitally re-mastered bars in the studio. Colosseum.TV is an open platform for all to watch and enjoy. Colosseum.TV is a breeding ground for record- labels, music producers and mass-market hip hop fans to discover raw MC talent through watching, commenting and rating video freestyle performances from up and comings and established MCs that they follow. There is also the ability to watch the best performances on Colosseum.TV through the “Freestyle Charts” which provides a current view of the most popular performances based upon number of “Props” received, and by filtering all published video freestyles based upon many criteria such as hip-hop genre, popularity and time period.

In-line with hip hop culture and the right to freedom of speech, Colosseum.TV may contain explicit content and lewd language only suitable for those 17+ years of age - although we do not condone such content, explicit content is tolerated provided you do not conduct abusive behaviour. Please see our Terms for more info

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